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As a painter and photographer, I have been regularly hiring models for thirty years.  You can quickly see how I work with models by visiting my two websites.


I am a figurative artist.  In the art world "figurative" means people are the primary focus of the art.


I use models in my work in several ways.  Some sit for paintings.  Some pose for photos to be used in paintings.  Some model for fine art photography.  Some do all three. 


Most models work for a few sessions or shoots. Occasionally one works with me regularly over a long period of time.


Most of the people I work with have little or no experience. Modeling, dancing and acting skills are helpful but not required.  You can be shy and still be a good model. If you are bold and daring, so much the better.


For those aspiring to professional modeling, I try to use some of the time helping them build their portfolio.  Many models find the photos they receive to be more valuable than the salary.  A minimum of one professionally finished 8x10" photo is given to the model for each photo shoot she does with me.  Models may have a CD of all their photos and may use them in any way except to make money from selling them.


My Model Information/Application form (see link below) lists usual pay rates for the different types of work.


I like the human body and it is a major theme in my work.  Some of the work I do is with nude models.  However, no one who says she only works clothed is ever asked to pose otherwise.  Whatever a model's level of modesty is, it is respected.


My paintings have won many local awards.  My photos and web site have been featured in national magazines.


My motives are to have fun, be creative, and capture beauty.  Most models find the work fun too.


If you are interested, contact me for an appointment at 662-801-5297 or stanodell@hotmail.com.  I will be glad to meet you on campus or you can drop by my studio.


If you wish, you can proceed and fill out an APPLICATION FORM by printing out the following two pages and sending them to the address on the form or scanning the pages and sending them to my email address:


Thanks for your interest.


APPLICATION PAGE 1 (pdf format)

APPLICATION PAGE 2 (pdf format)


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